Top 5 Most Popular Dim Sum In Singapore

Dim Sum, an unique dish recently became famous around the world. It refers to a wide variety of light Chinese snacks generally enjoyed with tea. Dim Sum originated in southern China as a side dish that workers ate during their break.

In Singapore, Dim Sum has been popular with various types such as Char Siu Bao, Egg Custard Tarts, Flower Scallion Rolls, Har Gau, Mini Spring Rolls, Potstickers, Sesame Seed Balls, Shrimp Toast, Shu Mai and Spareribs. Dim sum in Singapore is prepared in small individual portions or bite-size pieces, served in small steam baskets or small plates.

These dim sum classics are well presented in the menus of Singapore’s long-loved dim sum restaurants. Some of these places are also offering their new creations to excite dim sum lovers. Let’s check top 5 most popular Dim Sum in Singapore

1. Hai Tien Lo

Best dim sum in singapore must try top delicious

Brunch menus on weekends and weekdays: Another place in town to enjoy a dim sum buffet every day of the week. Priced at $ 58 ++ on weekdays, their breakfast buffet offers over 18 classic dim sum options and the signature Hai Tien Lo with homemade beancurd with bird’s nest among the favorites. More extensive and good value for money, the weekend brunch menu features more than 60 food products at a price of $ 69 ++.

Fusion of old and new Cantonese dishes: Hai Tien Lo is highly valued for its menu of traditional recipes with a modern contemporary twist. The restaurant’s favorite dishes are included in their weekend dim sum brunch menu for diners.

Highly rated service in an award-winning setting: Hai Tien Lo prides itself on its impeccable service, claiming a place as Singapore’s best restaurant for three consecutive years, effortlessly refreshing cuisine combined with a magnificent setting to complete the experience.


summer palace restaurant best dim sum must try so delicious in Singapore

Eclectic Variations of Dim Sum Created Seasonally: In addition to the classic dim sum available for daily breakfast, there are new variations of dim sum created each season to keep things exciting. By combining fresh, seasonal ingredients and bold new flavors, the dim sum will never disappoint.

Friendly weekend dim sum brunch: come with a group of at least 4 guests and enjoy exceptional quality dim sum as well as the restaurant’s most popular dishes such as suckling pig, roast duck and grilled pork with honey at $ 56 per person. The selection of dishes is not as wide as in other dim sum brunches in the city, but the good taste and the price suited to the wallets are more than enough to compensate for the space.

Michelin-starred restaurant for a world-class dining experience: popular with global food critics, the Summer Palace restaurant easily ranks among the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Savor the enticing award-winning dishes in a revealing setting that will leave you hungry.


Yan ting restaurant best dimsum must eat in singapore

Fancy dim sum: expect super fine dim sum creations with a whimsical touch like a steamed crystal shrimp dumpling with Indian ink and squid and cooked pork and shrimp dumpling steamed with black truffle.

Unlimited dim sum brunch with over 80 different dishes: called a dim sum buffet, but the selection of dishes goes beyond dim sum. Huge menu includes a long list of Cantonese dishes where dishes like wok-cooked Boston lobster with XO sauce, minced fish soup with black garlic, and seared scallop in corn with teriyaki sauce will satisfy everyone .

Endless stream of champagne to accompany dim sum: Those who want to take advantage of this special occasion can spend a little more ($ 188 per person) to have an endless stream of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to complement your feast . And of course, champagne is in the list of drinks.


Peach blossom restaurant top best dim sum must try to eat

A la carte dim sum buffet available 7 days a week: Not only for the weekend, the Peach Blossoms dim sum buffet with more than 50 different options is there to be enjoyed any day of the week.

Affordable and good value buffet: with prices of $ 55 (weekdays) and $ 65 (weekends), what we have at Peach Blossoms is more suited to wallets than some others of the same category. You’ll soon agree when you take a look at the limited portion section of the Peach Blossoms menu where dishes like baked lobster with cheese, whole abalone and superior broth wonton, braised shark fin soup crabmeat and pan-fried foie gras with smoked duck are served on Mantou are included in.

Dinner with a view: revisited oriental vibes, with wooden panels lining the massive windows overlooking the city really adds the icing on the cake for the perfect Chinese dining experience.


Asia Grand Restaurant for eat Dim sum top best singapore food must try to eat

Singapore Dim sum dishes at prices adapted to wallets: Asia Grand Restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional dim sum dishes such as fresh shrimp and scallops. These little beauties are served with a special aperitif, an assortment of pickled peppers and cucumber with fish cakes.

Fast service with a friendly smile: With a lively and lively restaurant, it’s important to make things happen with sufficient waiting staff. Asia Grand Restaurant is proud of its exceptionally fast process, from setting up your group to the ordering process until the minute you leave. Best of all, the dreaded wait after ordering your food will never happen here, as many customers are gathered with their dishes shortly after their order.

A dim sum place for casual dinners, group events and business lunches: with seats large enough to accommodate groups of up to 15 people, it’s the perfect place for a business lunch with colleagues or a casual birthday with family and friends. Call ahead to reserve a table large enough for your group

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