Top 5 Chinese Restaurants You Must Eat In Singapore

75% of Singapore’s population is Chinese. That why it’s not hard to find Chinese cuisine in the epicenter of the Lion City’s food scene. Food is an integral part of Chinese culture. It is the centerpiece of each important step between families and friends. Besides subsistence, the Chinese attach symbolism to certain foods and products, mainly symbolizing harmony, prosperity and good fortune. Today, Singaporefood will show you the 5 best chines restaurants you need to try when traveling to Singapore


Cherry Garden top 5 best restaurant chinese must try to eat when travel to Singapore

Dim Sum Brunch (from $ 68) enriched by unrivaled signature creations: Applauded as one of the best dim sum brunches in the city of Lion, Cherry Garden boasts of familiar dim sum staples such as siu mai and xiao long bao and signature dim sum which are almost impossible to find elsewhere like fried snail dumplings and crystal dumplings with fresh mushrooms and black truffle.

Food and wine pairings: the celebrations are even more special with the selection of classic and modern Cherry Garden wines that perfectly complement their festive Cantonese dishes.

Divine desserts: It’s almost a crime not to punctuate a Chinese meal with a dessert. In stark contrast to their long list of starters, dim sum and specialties, Cherry Garden’s dessert arsenal may seem short, but with such perfectly executed desserts, five is just the right number. Goji osmanthus jelly is a delight for both the eyes and the palate.


Crystal jade golden palace top 5 best restaurant chinese must try to eat when travel to Singapore

Teochew Specialties: Crystal Jade is a popular chain of restaurants in Singapore , but only the Golden Palace branch offers Teochew dishes, cuisine that is rooted in Chaoshan culture. A very historic cuisine, the restaurant gives it a modern touch to adapt to the upscale atmosphere.

Affordable Dim Sum Baskets: A $ 6 dim sum basket from a Michelin-starred restaurant may sound too good to be true, but it’s just true.

Indulgent shark fin dishes: The Crystal Jade Golden Palace has one of the longest lists of shark fin dishes in Singapore. Valued by the Chinese as having medicinal and wellness properties, the shark fin is presented in a more creative way than the simple soup such as the shark fin sautéed with scrambled eggs and olive oil .

Recognition of Michelin stars: Having received the elusive recognition of Michelin stars for its authentic interpretation of Teochew cuisine, the Crystal Jade Golden Palace has joined the ranks of the best restaurants not only in the country but around the world.


imperial treasure top 5 best restaurant chinese must try to eat when travel to Singapore

Perfect Peking Duck: Peking Duck is more than just a dish, it’s a dining experience that ranges from cooking a whole duck to crispy and oily perfection until it’s served and sliced directly to the boss’s table.

Special menu for large groups: a Chinese restaurant is an easy choice for celebrations because a fixed menu is almost always offered. Imperial Treasure offers an assortment of menus that celebrate its bestsellers: yang chow four treasures, Peking duck and homemade pastries.

Vegetarian fixed menu: A vegetarian menu that does not contain tofu is great news for people concerned about their health. The Imperial Treasure’s vegetarian menu offers expertly prepared vegetarian dishes such as vermicelli simmered with grated carrot and bean skin with mushrooms.


wah lok cantonese restaurant The Imperial Treasure'stop 5 best chinese restaurant must try to eat when traveling in Singapore

Authentic Cantonese dim sum: gourmets can attest that Singapore is a paradise for tasty dim sum, but only a few restaurants can transport guests to Guangdong province for its remarkable authenticity. Wah Lok’s bo luo bao, or pineapple bread, is said to be the best in Singapore .

Guangdong-born Chef: Wah Lok is proud of his Guangdong-born chef with culinary training in Hong Kong – a combination that translates into authentic, award-winning Cantonese classics improved.

Vegetarian dishes: Wah Lok is one of those rare places where vegetarians and carnivores are spoiled for choice. Their vegetarian dishes are so ingeniously elaborated that they almost seem like indulgences.


Hai Tien Lo  5 best chinese restaurant must try to eat when traveling in Singapore

Weekend dim sum brunch buffet (from $ 69.80): Hai Tien Lo’s extensive buffet with over 60 dim sum creations will make you feel like an emperor. Delight in the seemingly endless array of meticulously handcrafted dim sum that includes five spice rolls, peanut chicken thighs in chili sauce, and carrot cake fried in the chef’s signature XO house chili sauce. The key to enjoying the dim sum buffet is to try each piece of dim sum and go back a few seconds among your favorites.

Seasonal themed menus: Hai Tien Lo blends it by offering seasonal themed menus that highlight the chef’s signature dishes such as duck confit flavored with the chef’s specialty red wine sauce. Fixed price menus perfectly complement Singapore’s festive seasons.

Healthier alternative: all rice dishes can be replaced with healthier brown rice at no additional cost.


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