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Eating and drinking in Singapore is a 24 hour activity, overcoming all obstacles. He says Singaporean eaters will team up with the island to find bowls of heavenly noodles or go on a durian expedition. Years ago, this variety was limited to the main ethnic cuisines – Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Peranakan, Eurasian, and a traditional British dish as a nod to the colonial history of this island nation.

Today, with a growing international influence thanks to new tourists and immigrants, the range has expanded to include Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Turkey, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand. and more. Singaporeans tend to greet each other with expressions. Have you eaten anything – a strange reflection of their obsession with good food.

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  • Best Satay Places in Singapore
    Here are the top 5 satay spots in Singapore that are highly recommended by local foodies.
  • Singapore Food Festival
    Fuelled by our national food obsession, the Singapore Food Festival boasts tasty dishes, cooking tips and unique dining experiences.
  • Night Food Tours in Singapore
    Night food tours in Singapore. Better yet, embark on your journey after hours and enjoy beautiful views of the city at night. Here are some evening food tours to look forward to.
  • Annual Food Events in Singapore
    As befits our world-famous status, Singapore is also home to an exciting calendar of food-themed annual events, awards, and festivals. Singapore food events
  • Vegan Restaurants in Singapore
    Singapore is a gastronomic paradise for visitors from all walks of life, including travelers who are committed to a vegan diet. Singapore vegan restaurants
  • Halal Food in Central Singapore
    Singapore’s sizeable Muslim community means that there is an abundance of halal food (food which adheres to Islamic law) available all over the island.

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