Top 10 Best Bakeries in Singapore And Where to find Them

From whole grain sourdoughs, delicate pies to puffs of pillows, there are many confectionery options to entice us in Singapore. Whether you’re captivated by their eye-catching aesthetics or the incredible mouthfeel of each bite, here are top 10 the best Bakeries in Singapore to satisfy that craving for fresh baked bread.

1. Firebake

Firebake - top best bakeries in Singapore and where to find them

Address: 237 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428930

With a large-scale wood oven housed inside, you know this bakery and restaurant are serious about their breads. Their range of sourdoughs is impressive, like the cheesymite love-it-or-hate-it or the sweet milk bun. The breads are freshly baked every day

2. Dolcetto by Basilico in Singapore

Address: Regent Singapore Lobby Level, 1 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715

Cooked by the chefs of the Italian restaurant Basilico at the Regent Hotel, this place makes ciabatta and focaccia. It also offers a wide range of Italian cakes and pastries, as well as hot paninis for a quick lunch.

3. Crown Bakery – top best Bakery in Singapore

Crown Bakery - top best Bakery in Singapore

Address: 557 Bukit Timah Road #01-03 Crown Centre, Singapore 269694

This Bukit Timah bakery makes 45 different types of organic breads, pastries and other baked snacks. The kitchen is under the care of Kevin Chang, who has stayed at the Kayser House and the Iris bakery in New York.

4. Cedele

Address: 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #02-41, Enterprise One, Singapore 415934

You will be spoiled for choice with the range of cakes, breads, pastries and sandwiches offered at one of their many outlets in Singapore. But whatever you want, be sure to try their chocolate truffle cake, a truly rich and well-textured creation that will turn any frown upside down.

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5. Carpenter and Cook – The Singapore Bakery

Top Carpenter and Cook - The Singapore Bakery best bread

Address: 19 Lor Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120

Partly a traditional bakery cake, partly a vintage house store, this picturesque store on Lorong Kilat is a rare find. Try some of the favorite dishes like lemon cake and banoffee pies, or opt for the hottest items like cruffins and dirty buns that are just as delicious.

6. Bread & Hearth

Address: 18 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089125

This industrial space on Keong Saik produces hearty loaves made in the traditional European style using sourdough. There are traditional and fusion loaves like orange matcha here.

7. Berthold Delikatessen – Top best bakeries in Singapore

Berthold Delikatessen - Top best bakeries in Singapore with cafe

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-84 Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, Singapore 178905

Launched and named in tribute to Berthold Kempinski, the founder of the world-renowned Kempinski hotel chain, this German-style bakery and cafe at Capitol Piazza (yes, it is managed by the Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore) is a suitable, calm and sophisticated place for a pinch in the afternoon or for your fresh cooking in the morning. Also be sure to try their coffees.

8. Baker & Cook

Address: 30C Loewen Road Singapore 248839 / 77 Hillcrest Road, Greenwood Singapore 288951 / Holiday Inn Express, Singapore Clarke Quay 2 Magazine Road Singapore 059573

This rapidly expanding bakery has opportunities in many areas, but the flagship of Hillcrest is still our favorite. The New Zealand bakery specializes in all kinds of sourdough breads, as well as pastries like croissants and cakes. Discover their magnificent Dempsey outlet, opened with sister brand Plank Sourdough Pizza, if you are looking for a place to sit.

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9. Asanoya Boulangerie

Asanoya Boulangerie - the best Singapore cafe & bakery

Address: 15 Queen St, #01-03, Singapore 188537

This Japanese bakery is inspired by traditional European techniques for baking bread and pastries. It’s a great place for those who like soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet, Japanese-style breads stuffed with items like ham and cheese.

10. Artisan Boulangerie Co

Address:  9 N Buona Vista Dr, #01-12 Metropolis, Singapore, Singapore 138588

Also known as ABC, this French bakery and brunch venue is run by Eran Mayer who bakes pastries like apple turnover, hints of vanilla and cinnamon loaves. They even got a great rustic Killiney bread.


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