Top 5 Cheapest Indian Restaurants in Singapore

Little India is well known as a food paradise for lovers of Indian cuisine. Take a walk along Race Course Road, you will know how many options there are.

Large in quantity and inexpensive, these Indian restaurants are the good friends of tired travelers who need something tasty to appease hunger or a lively atmosphere to find inspiration for the next trip.

Affordable Indian restaurants can also be found in other areas. If you’re in Singapore’s central business district, visit Tandoori Corner for a quick lunch or dinner. For meals in a more tranquil setting, take a taxi to Dempsey Hill and sample Indian cuisine on a colonial open day.

Read on for more useful information on the best affordable Indian restaurants in Singapore.


KHANSAMA TANDOORI RESTAURANT top restaurant in singapore little india

Great place to enjoy the street life of Little India with Indian beer: the outdoor seating area of the restaurant offers diners a lively and exciting view of the street of an ever calm Little India. With a glass of Indian beer refrigerated in your hand, nothing can stop you from enjoying the lively atmosphere at your leisure.

North Indian cuisine with real flavors: the always delicious dishes of Khansama Tandoori have the right blend of spices in each recipe, which entertains the taste buds with the real flavors of India. Tikka chicken, butter chicken, Rogan Josh mutton and Naan cheese are all delicious.

A friendly vegetarian place: vegetable eaters can browse the restaurant’s 60 menu items to choose from for your meal. For an undeniably tasty choice of dishes, do not go past the Bindi Masala or the Manchurian Gobi.


top restaurant in singapore little india GAYATRI RESTAURANT ON RACE COURSE ROAD

Menu with a good balance between non-vegetarian and vegetarian selections: not emphasizing any type of diet or style of food, Gayatri’s menu celebrates the pleasure of any dinner entering its dining room. There are enough attractive meat and vegetable dishes from northern and southern India for everyone to enjoy.

There is everything we need in a casual restaurant: delicious Indian meals in generous portions, reasonable prices, a welcoming atmosphere and comfortable service are all good things that this restaurant can do to make our meal a while pleasant.

Fish Head Curry Promotion Days: Savvy gourmets choose to go to Gayatri on Mondays or Wednesdays to enjoy Fish Head Curry for the price of $ 17. shared between a group of three to four eaters, at this price.


top restaurant in singapore little india SAMY’S CURRY

Affordable Foods in Singapore’s Upscale Restaurant District: Set amidst the lush greenery of Dempsey, Samy’s Curry is best described as a curry oasis in Singapore’s most chic gourmet enclave. Its luxurious location does not lower its prices like most of the Dempsey’s restaurants. Come and taste tasty dishes at prices adapted to the wallets.

One of the oldest curry houses in town: Samy’s Curry has been around for over fifty years. It survived strongly for 5 decades as the homeland of the city’s best fish curry. Yes, its tasty curry version has a perfect balance of spices.

Free rice flow and two free vegetable dishes: pay S $ 3.20 for rice, then enjoy your meal with an unlimited flow of rice and vegetable dishes.

The food portions are generous.


TANDOORI CORNER ON BOON TAT STREET top best cheao indian restaurant in singapore

A good Indian restaurant in the heart of downtown Singapore: few Indian restaurants have their location in the central business district. The existence of Tandoori Corner at Boon Tat Street is therefore a real tasty gift for lovers of Indian cuisine. Choose it if you don’t want to travel far.

A little paradise of North Indian cuisine: the menu at the Tandoori Corner celebrates the best of North Indian dishes. The tandoori selection, in particular the tikka chicken, always captures the hearts of the guests. After choosing a tandoori item, you are free to move your eyes to the curry and bread corner where you can grab one of the best butter chicken and butter naan in town.

Free papadum feed: grab a table, sit back and savor the delicious papadums with mint chutney served on arrival. These free foods will brighten your time while you wait for the star dishes.


MUTHU’S CURRY ON RACE COURSE ROAD top best cheap indian restaurant in singapore

One of the most popular places to have fish head curry: For many Singaporean generations, Muthu curry is the first name to speak when it comes to fish head curry. Yes, we like fresh, tender and meaty fish as well as thick curry sauce with a balanced mix of spices and acidity. It’s so addictive.

Open concept kitchen – where the super hot naan comes from: functioning as an open kitchen and located in the middle of the restaurant, the Live Tandoor station invites customers to taste the hottest naan as well as the chicken and fruit tandoori sea that a restaurant has to offer.

Vegetarian options are also available: with around twenty items, the vegetarian selection is not very wide, but it is tasty enough to satisfy any hungry dinner.

Free papadums and two vegetable accompaniments are always offered to its guests.


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